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Area schools to receive less state aid PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 16 January 2013 00:00

 the completion of the 2013-2014 school year, their eyes are also on preparation for the 2014-2015 year and in particular the amount of money their district will receive in state aid.
    According to the Nebraska Department of Education web site, schools in Nebraska will receive $932,971,842.29 in state aid, up from the 2013-2014 amount of $906,581,332.22 an increase of $26,390,510.07.
    The largest increase for a school district was $13,485,370.00 to Lincoln Public Schools while North Platte had the largest decrease of $742,501.89. Sioux County Public Schools shows the cost per formula student at $24,826.74 while the lowest cost per formula students is at $7,119.27 at Norfolk Public School. The cost per formula student for Arapahoe for 2014-2015 is figured at $10,267.95, for Elwood it is 12,755.79.
    Many of the area schools will see losses this year including Arapahoe and Elwood. Arapahoe will see a decrease of  $254,983.08 and Elwood a decrease of $12,585.12 Cambridge is one of the area students that will receive a $128,634.26 increase.
School    (Increase/Decrease)    #Formula Students    Cost Per Formula Student
Arapahoe    -254,983.08    292.19    10,267.95
Alma    -127,605.68    276.52    11,581.64
Bertrand    -12,766.98    254.49    12,476.42
Cambridge    +128,634.26    329.04    11,499.25
Dundy County    -43,020.76    357.58    12,498.73
Elwood    -12,585.12    220.81    12,755.79
Eustis-Farnam     -67,315.46    195.95    13,584.58
Loomis    -8,187.65    185.16    15,156.90
Southwest    -43,784.79    287.98    14,965.14
Southern Valley     -38,608.86    435.62    12,306.52

Last Updated on Wednesday, 23 April 2014 19:24

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